Data collect
and Reporting
Sensure Care
Sensure Care
Systems integrated
with yours Business Intelligence

Through the information collected, it is possible to analyze the trend of the lines over large periods of time, providing detailed reports and supporting the continuous improvement activity. All reports can also be exported in different formats (PDF, Excel, ...)

Sensure Care
The enhancement of the data
is a process that begins when it is collected.

The system is able to collect and store the following information in an SQL database:

  1. Statistical data of the entire production
  2. Information on non-conformities (causes and rejection characteristics of the single defect by type and position)
  3. Average of all features of compliant products
  4. Defect analysis and detail of the reasons for rejection
  5. Customizable time averages of all the information collected

The generated SQL database can also be integrated into third party software. The collected data can also be separated by single vision point