SENSURE has been designing and developing, since 2007, vision systems with artificial intelligence which work in self-learning.
Thanks to the SENSURE SYNAPSE technology it is possible to:

  • Automate the process for quality control (identification and rejection of non-compliant products).
  • Optimize Pick & Place (product flow management).

The SENSURE SYNAPSE technology is used on highly variable products, such as:

  • Baked goods (biscuits, crackers, snacks, rusks, cakes, pizzas, bread, baguettes, focaccia, tortillas, muffins, croissants, etc.).
  • Other products (poultry and meat, pet food kibbles, candies and sweets, fruit and vegetable, wood, ceramic, etc.).

SENSURE also produces optical instruments for particle size distribution (granulometry) and for dots analysis in different sectors (food, agriculture, coffee, mining, etc.).

Our skills:

  • SensureHigh experience in different application
  • SensureKnowledgeable R&D department
  • SensureTailor made solution and self-learning technology
  • SensureStrong relationship with OEM and local System Integrators
  • SensureTechnical & Flexible After Sales Service
  • SensureMultinational Customers
Always at your side
We advise and follow the Customer from the initial quotation and throughout the life of our systems with our Service (Helpdesk, Remote and Onsite Assistance and Spare Parts Management).
150+ systems
Experience and Competence
The over ten years of experience acquired on different types of highly variable products, has allowed us to develop the best quality control features using 2D and 3D vision technologies.
4.0 ready
Industry 4.0
The features of the SENSURE SYNAPSE vision system meet the requirements for Industry 4.0.
The SENSURE systems have a quick and easy installation and setup phase thanks to their self-learning features. With the innovative artificial intelligence algorithms, it is the system itself that identifies the features to be controlled by automatically adapting to different types of production, eliminating the complicated part of setup typical of traditional systems.