Optical system for the analysis of DOTS
  • Food flours: wheat, corn, legumes, ...
  • Granulates: quartz, carbonates, plastics, ...
  • Flat materials: Sheets, slabs, surface finishes, ...
  • Standardized sample control: supplies, intermediate steps, final product
  • Process Calibration and Improvement: Example: Adjustment of sorter parameters based on DOTS results
Main data produced
  • Number and density of black and brown dots
  • Number and density of black and brown dots
  • Creation of automatic reports in pdf
  • High accuracy and repeatability of the measurement
  • Fully automatic system
  • Ease of use and maintenance

In a little space ... lots of information

Main features
  • Dimensions: 25x25x38cm
  • Weight: 7Kg
  • Resolution: 0.05 mm / pixel
  • Quality and durable industrial components
  • Included in the supply: DOTS system, external PC, monitor, keyboard, colour and metric references

Very simple procedure of use (20s)

  1. Place a few tens of grams of the sample on the table provided
  2. Press it with the special tool
  3. Insert the sample table into the system
  4. Press the analysis button


Simple and intuitive interface

Instrument calibration

  • The calibration of the instrument is made up of two steps:
    1. Colorimetric part
    2. Metric part
  • Recommended frequency 1 annual calibration performed by our technicians or even directly by the Customer himself
  • For this operation, objects called standard references (included in the supply) are used.
    Sample products are not used to prevent the products from deteriorating, changing color and often not having easily verifiable dimensions.

Instrument calibration

  • Use a special color reference or a special opaque cardboard that does not change color based on the angle of illumination and reflection (included in the supply)
  • Insert the gray card for colorimetry into the DOTS system
  • Press the colorimetric calibration button - The machine calibrates itself automatically

Instrument calibration (2/2): metric part

  • Insert a card printed with circles of known diameter (included in the supply) into the DOTS system.
  • Press the metric calibration button → The machine calibrates itself automatically