SENSURE is a company that has been designing and manufacturing innovative and visionary systems for industrial quality control since 2007, with a focus on bakery products.

Our solutions can be used for the identification and rejection of non-compliant products and for the management of the flow of products at the entrance of packaging machines at the ovens’ exit.

SENSURE also produces vision systems for grain size measurement in the coffee, flour, marble and wood sectors.

All our systems guarantee continuous monitoring of the process with data collection and analysis, providing a real-time visualization and dedicated reporting, compliant with Industry 4.0 regulations.

Our skills:

  • SensureHigh experience in different application
  • SensureKnowledgeable R&D department
  • SensureTailor made solution and fully automatic technology
  • SensureStrong relationship with OEM and local System Integrators
  • SensureTechnical & Flexible After Sales Service
  • SensureMultinational Customers
  • SensureInstallations worldwide
The SENSURE systems have a quick and easy installation and setup phase thanks to their self-learning features. With the innovative artificial intelligence algorithms, it is the system itself that identifies the features to be controlled by automatically adapting to different types of production, eliminating the complicated part of setup typical of traditional systems.