Case history "IL VECCHIO FORNO"

NEWS / 25 March 2022

"Il Vecchio Forno" is an Italian bakery industry specialized in the production of naturally leavened baked desserts (panettoni, pandoro and colombe) and rusks, which markets its products both with its own brands and with private labels.

Vision system for pick&place and quality control for rusks

On the new line for the production of rusks, "Il Vecchio Forno" has installed the SENSURE SYNAPSE vision system, a highly innovative solution capable of controlling the entire production, automatically identifying and rejecting non-compliant products and optimizing the flow of products at the entrance to the packaging machines.
The four vision systems installed, each equipped with seven high-resolution cameras, allow the SENSURE SYNAPSE software, thanks to technology based on artificial intelligence algorithms and working in self-learning, to identify defects in shape, color and size of all rusks coming out of the oven. The SENSURE SYNAPSE software provides the forty installed ABB FlexPickers with the coordinates of the compliant products which are deposited on belts at the entrance of eight packaging machines. The non-compliant products not managed by the FlexPickers arrive at a conveyor belt and discarded.

The SENSURE SYNAPSE software also allows continuous monitoring of the process with collection and analysis of product data, providing a real-time visualization and dedicated reporting: these data can also be used to support a process of continuous improvement and predictive maintenance.
With SENSURE vision systems it is possible to ensure total production control and perform reliable, repetitive, accurate and multiple measurements (even not visible to the human eye) at maximum line speed.

Through the use of SENSURE SYNAPSE, the company "Il Vecchio Forno" has automated the production process and quality control of the plant for the production of rusks, significantly improving the packaging process (eliminating non-compliant products that can cause problems to the machines) and guaranteeing final products with a high-quality standard.