Ensuring crackers quality and improve the process with SENSURE solutions

NEWS / 12 June 2023

Let's travel back in time to the early 1800s when crackers made their flavourful debut. Since then, these crispy delights have delighted snack lovers worldwide. These versatile baked snacks, loved for their crispiness and endless toppings, are the perfect companion for any occasion.

Ensuring cracker quality is critical to success: to achieve this, manufacturers rely on vision inspection and monitoring systems to detect and address issues before they become larger issues

SENSURE offers a wide range of advanced technologies that help crackers producers (and other baked products in general) optimize their production processes and maintain the highest levels of product quality. The systems allow for the identification of defects, even at high speed and using different technologies (2D cameras, 3D laser profilometers, thermal cameras, etc.), and reject the non-compliant products.

Over the years, SENSURE has installed many solutions in the industry: from vision systems for product data collection and data analytics tools, to complete solutions that include automatic rejection of non-compliant products using different technologies (air nozzles, traps, retractable belts, etc.) depending on products dimensions, line speed, etc.

Below are some of the defects that can be identified by SENSURE vision systems:

  • Colour (overcooked or undercooked)
  • Products breaks
  • Spots detection (from top and bottom views)
  • Shape
  • Size (too big, too small, etc.)
  • Topping conformity/distribution
  • Inclusions
  • Thickness
  • Slope
Download "Application brief for CRACKERS"