Sensure Synapse
SENSURE SYNAPSE is the software that has demonstrated a strong capability to extract value through the collection of accurate, reliable, and repeatable product data. With this information and the application of artificial intelligence algorithms (AI) and a self-learning approach, it is possible to continuously detect, analyze, improve, and maintain quality and process standards.
Measurement and defect detection capabilities

With SENSURE SYNAPSE, it is possible to measure numerous product features (a wide set is included in the system), such as shape, size, and colour, using 2D technology (industrial camera) and perform a full 3D product profile using 3D technology (laser profilometer). Thanks to the use of thermal imaging and infrared cameras, it is also possible to identify features in addition to the visible ones. SENSURE SYNAPSE can also be configured to analyse features thought to be impossible to manage, such as pattern variations, topping conformity, average colour, slope, and much more, even on the bottom parts of the products.

Using SENSURE SYNAPSE ensures reliable, repeatable, and accurate measurements, even at high line speed, with the added benefit of all data being saved in a SQL database.
The SENSURE SYNAPSE system is flexible and can be customized to meet specific needs through the development of additional features after a feasibility analysis. Additionally, SENSURE solutions can be integrated with third-party systems like metal detectors, checkweighers, moisture analysers, ovens, etc.

Sensure Synapse
What are the main components
of the SENSURE vision system?
  • Image sensors and lenses are the essential components for image capture.
  • The lighting source and its placement are important for correct illumination of the products.
  • The processing unit, which is the PC responsible for running the image processing software and analysing the images.
  • The SENSURE SYNAPSE software suite, which is the most flexible and easy-to-configure software, using Artificial Intelligence and self-learning mode.
What are the main quality parameters measurable with SENSURE vision system?
Sensure Synapse
  • Shape and Size (min/max/average diameter, perimeter, length, width, roundness, area, etc.).
  • Compactness.
  • Colour on top (bake colour, spot detection, etc.) and/or bottom (bake colour, burnt areas, flour marks, spot detection, foreign colour anomalies in general).
  • Topping and seeding conformity (quantity, distribution, and colour).
  • Texture analysis.
  • Edge/Contour defects.
  • Cracks and holes and their conformity.
  • Foreign body detection (identification is possible if the dimension and colour differences of the inclusions are detectable in the camera).
  • Height/Thickness (min/max/average height/thickness).
  • Volume and slope/symmetry.
  • Flatness and planarity.
  • Temperature.

With product data and the application of artificial intelligence, there is potential to enhance a brand's reputation through improved product quality (SYNAPSE QUALITY).

Quality-related information can be conveyed to systems (e.g., robots, etc.) for automatic non-compliant product management (SYNAPSE GUIDANCE), enabling comprehensive process control through product data analysis (SYNAPSE DATA ANALYTICS).


Artificial intelligence and self learning approach
to classify products as compliant or non-compliant


Communication of product
and quality information to robot/machine controller


Continuous process improvements
with data analytics